日本に来ているのに自国にいるかの様に振る舞う迷惑な外国人 Annoying foreigner in Japan behaving as if he is in his country. 2018/01/17

日本に来ているのに自国にいるかの様に振る舞う迷惑な外国人 2018/01/17 Annoying foreigner in Japan behaving as if he is in his country.

この動画のBaye Mcneilが誰なのか、この動画を見る前全く知らなかったが、日本に13年住んでいるからと日本を良く知っていると完全に「勘違い」している外国人の1人だろう。

I didn't know about this guy named Baye McNeil at all until I came across with one of his video accusing a Japanese comedian who pretended as a popular black actor Eddi Murphy at one Japanese TV show.  He claims that he has been living in Japan as a columnist and he knows very well about Japanese society. However I think he is one of those self-overrating foreigners.


There are many Japanese admire black people including me. There are many young Japanese people spend money and going to tanning salons frequently to tan their skin looks like black people. I personally know some Japanese women who admire black people and got married with them.


There are many Japanese people practicing black soul music and rap music who admire black people and want to be look like black people because those are originated by black people. I, myself play Jazz Trumpet, I like to play black people's Jazz music and respecting them.
They are good at singing, good at playing music, they are good at dancing and so on.


However I think the foreigners like this guy are nothing but soiling the good image of black people. I hope Japanese people won't hate black people because of this ignorant guy.


Women who like white skin use whitish foundation and women who think the dark skin looks healthy use darker color foundation when they make up.


Perhaps this foreigner wants to use this issue for his "victimhood business." Or maybe just wants to gather attention but it is totally irrelevant. This guy is too ignorant, however, some Japanese PAYOKU is applauding him which is rather disgusting. ※PAYOKU is an insulting term to the Japanese liberals and the Japanese leftists.

Japanese is also a colored race. Just difference between him and me is just darker or not darker. His accusation is just the baseless and simply annoying false accusation.
Japanese had never used slaves in our history.

自分が黒人であることに誇りを持てず、黒人の真似をしている人達に対して一生、この様な言いがかりをするのか? 私は黄色人種だが、黒人や白人に劣っているとは思わない。しかし、それぞれに良いところがあるとしか考えられない。

Is this guy going to continue to accuse the people whenever he sees the similar scene in the future who want to pretend as black people? Can't he proud of himself being black who is admired by many Japanese people including me? I am a yellow race but I don't think I am Inferior to black or white. Each color has its own superiority and Inferiority. However I am proud of being colored.


Liberals often use the word "diversity" willingly well, but maybe because they are the one lack of diversity, they want to use it. Japan has the culture of diversity since old days. This is nothing but comical.


I definitely would like to say to this guy "Don't bring deranged American Political Correctness to Japan."
If you don't like this society, just go back to your home country. Don't make your place narrower by yourself.
If he keeps behaving like this, he is ”Persona non grata.”

The main point that I want to bring up is, the program was Japanese TV program with Japanese language. There is nothing wrong and we don't care how outsider would feel it. No bad intention in the program. It has rather good intention.



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