The official statement made by a Japanese diet member Mio Sugita against BBC TWO's program related to Ms. Shiori Ito 2018/06/30

This is an Official statement made by a Japanese diet member Mio Sugita against BBC TWO's program related to Ms. Shiori Ito translated by me, Shunichi Fujiki of Texas Daddy Japan Secretariat. All the responsibility is on me for the translation.

Hereafter is the statement made by Japanese National Diet Member Mio Sugita of Liberal Democratic Party who got an interview with BBC who manipulated her answer to it.

Japan's National Diet Member House of Representative Mio Sugita's statement on BBC's program  "Japan's Secret Shame"

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Reference to the TV program titled "Japan's Secret Shame" televised by BBC TWO which is a so-called "documentary of Ms. Shiori Ito."

I’ve been getting numerous comments and messages after British TV Broadcasting station, known as BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) televised my interview related to the false sexual violence accusation testified by Miss Shiori Ito.


As I explained to you before, I was interviewed by BBC on this issue.

The Interview proposal paper is as follows;248_n.jpg;

It was the program to know the reaction from the #metoo movement, the main issues which BBC told to me were  “Equal Participation” and “Sexual harassment” in Japan.

The interview was held well over two hours. The topic extended to “sexual violence” during the interview, I emphasized that “Japan is a nation where women can live at ease where less rape occurs compare to the other nations.
In this interview, an interviewer asked me a lot about Ms. Shiori Ito’s issue.


In the beginning, I requested BBC to send the finished product before publicized, however, until now, I haven’t received any so I am not in a position to talk about it but I would like to point out some guessable issues as follows;


1. I am astonished to know that the contents of the projected image are far different from their Interview planning paper. I decided to get this interview after my own consideration and discussion with the supervisor of my political party which is Liberal Democratic Party in power.


2. However, the TV program is formed to single out a special feature of Ms. Shiori Ito. I’ve been told by the interview staff that they have also interviewed Ms. Shiori Ito but the program is for the general issue of the sexual harassment and so on. I’ve never heard that they wanted to make a program especially dedicated to Ms. Shiori Ito.


3. One BBC staff member sent me an e-mail after the interview saying that “We would like to use this portion” by mentioning only five sentences out of two hours interview. It was only to check whether the translation is correctly done or not. I need to highlight that only five sentences out of two hours interview are just an intentional manipulation.


4. From the beginning, I expect this kind of problem so we also recorded everything during this interview. In case if the BBC has an evil intent, we are going to expose our recording to counter it.

My biggest concern is this;



The director of this special program on Shiori Ito named "Erica Jenkin" seems to be the same director of a previous program named “Young Sex for Sale in Japan” which denounces the Japanese Sexual industry.


In her previous program titled “Young Sex for Sale in Japan,” Kazuko Ito who is a lawyer and a Secretary-General of the “Human Rights Now” is appeared. 

I pointed out in the Japanese Diet interpellation that this “Human Rights Now” have been exploiting the United Nations to spread out the false claims of Comfort Women issue.


This organization named “Human Rights Now” held a talk event during the last United Nations “Commission on the Status of Women” meeting held in New York in this March.


These are all preplanned and connected.

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The malicious video posted by BBC

This is the actual website where BBC posted the video.

House of Representative of Japanese National Diet Mio Sugita reporting how she replied to the BBC interview right after that on February 17th, 2018 in above video.

She says this case has been investigated by Japanese judicial system thoroughly and also additional 11 jury hearing held and the man alleged rapist was found innocent at both assemblies.

Japanese police and prosecutors find the evidence provided by the accused man is acculate while the evidence which Shiori Ito provided has no evidential value to admit his crime that she submitted to every hearing and court cases.

It is now clear that this case was started by Shiori Ito's false claim to the police after 2 years of her silence. This is a ridiculous claim of a woman who is trying to get wide attention.

Additionally, she used to work at the Piano Bar hostess in New York.
If you know what is Piano Bar in New York, you'll understand the intention of her.

As she was working at the Piano Bar in New York where the bar hostesses drink a lot to let the customers pay for their drinks easily got drunken by some Japanese alcohol called Sake? There must be something wrong in this picture if she really got drunken.


What is Piano Bar in New York? Check by yourself.





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