Comfort women statue in Atlanta Georgia USA

The people obsessed by hookers are again doing stupid behavior in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Korean victim-hood business people are placing statues and monuments dedicated to those wartime prostitutes honoring those well paid sex workers.

They are still claiming that those women were "sex slave" without single proof of slavery but there are tons of proofs proving that those women were very well paid with a lot of savings in their own bank account "under their own name."

Is there any slave who has bank account under their own name? Everything is just a fabricated story.

According to the statistic of suicide in South Korea, you will know that the suicide over 75 years old is extremely high which is No.1 with decisive lead among OECD member nations.

This is simply because of the lack of South Korea's social welfare system.

I suggest you to see this video so that you will understand the situation.

Elderly people under pension is getting only around $200 per month at the most. Many of them are less than this amount which is impossible to maintain the rest of their life, as a result of this, elderly people are committing suicide and the number of the suicide is skyrocketed, situation is getting worse.

Additionally, their economical crisis made them incapable to support their own parents and many of those parents are abandoned by their own children.

This is why bunch of them moved to United States to get social welfare from US government. Atlanta is one of the major city where full of Korean population.

Those elderly people has been escaping from South Korea, otherwise they also need to commit suicide.
Their choice is only whether move out of Korea or to commit suicide.

Then there is only one more choice left for them to survive in South Korea which is to claim that I was a victim of evil Japanese.

So that they can be planted to the facility named "House of share" or "House of nanum" run by donation from those suckers who were totally deceived by those so called comfort women supporters influenced by North Korea, trying to make discord among the US-Japan-South Korea alliance. Those emotional wrecks are exploited by them.

Even you are abandoned by your own children, it's the place to live without committing suicide.

This is why some group of people who don't want to finalize the issue, they are opposing to the Japan - Korea agreement made and announced in December 2015.

Japanese government paid around 8.5 million dollars to them not for compensation but for health care and so on. Many of those former comfort women received approximately 100,000 dollars per person but still those so called comfort women supporters are making noise even after the irreversible bilateral agreement made by the head of the two nation.

Some of the former pro-claimed comfort women are denying to receive the money because they are told to say so. To follow the instruction from those supporter is only way for those old people to live.

Those women are acting as actresses. The supporting organization named "The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan" is directing what those women to say and getting donations. They are dragging those old women to talk what this organization wants them to talk at conferences, rallies not only domestically but also internationally. This organization need to be condemned as the torture to the old women who were abandoned by their own family or the women who does not have family.

Because the stories they talks are not based on the fact, each time when they speak at conferences, the age, year and situations are not the same and in many case, they forgot what they were told to say. There is no consistency in their talks.

By electing those statues and monuments can gather donations for their livelihood even in the future.

Because of their Anti-Japan education, they believe that they are allowed to do anything if it is against Japan. In December 2005, Korean government passed a law which is called "Punishment to the Pro-Japanese law." It is unbelievable "ex-post facto law" which can apply not only after the law was enforced but prior to the law, they can punish the people who cooperate with Japanese or Japan in the past and can confiscate all of their properties and assets.

This is mob's government. Many of those who were working with Japanese during Japanese-occupation, their assets are taken away from their government not only he people who cooperated with Japan but also their descendants without limitation and those people are exposed as traitors on Newspapers and South Korean government's Pro-Japan list.

This is not modern democratic nation. It's the nation controlled by mobs on the street and espionage of North Korea.

Comfort women issue is all about MONEY.