You must not be good at math. 200,000 women times 60 to 70 soldiers every day?

Do you know the number of the Japanese troops? Those Japanese troops fought outside of the country at one time was about one million soldiers.

Now you are saying that 1.2 million to 1.4 million soldiers were going to brothels every day.
You are totally moron. Apply logic and think by your own brain.

80% of the Police officers, politicians, authorities were Koreans during Japanese occupation both from Japanese official document and US official document.

By the way, what are those men doing while those tons of women were taken away by evil Japanese?

How about you? Are you going to be quiet when your girl friend or sisters are taken away for sexual slavery?

800,000 Korean men applied to be Japanese soldiers and only 17,800 accepted. Some of them commit suicide because they could not pass the exam.

You might be listened one sided story from a limited source. It's totally wrong.

Japanese authorities were arresting those Korean recruiters who were deceiving women in Korean peninsula.
Many of those newspaper articles are available.

There are comfort women captured by US Army. Where were those 14 years or 18 years women?
It was prohibited by the law to recruit underage women but as they knew it is well paid, they deceived recruiters too.

Both of recruiters (brokers) and women were deceiving each other as they are doing it today.

90% of prostitutes arrested in the state of California are Koreans, 5% of the Korean GDP is from prostitution.
This is the number from Korean government.

Do you know who built 5,000 schools in Korea including Seoul University? It's Japanese.

During the Japanese occupation, population became double. Who is brutally murdering people?
Japanese spent huge tax payers money to educate primitives in Korean peninsula.

Violence to the women was strictly prohibited by the military, there was one soldier who forced service, he was murdered by Korean comfort woman but she found innocent by the Japanese court.

I can destroy every single claim you said in this video,

I am not blaming you as you are the victim of those greedy liars.
Funny part is, this comfort women story was written by a Japanese author for money. Because he lately confessed that "I needed money so I needed to make up shocking story. " This is all about money.

You are blindly believing what the news media have to say. Because what you are saying is exactly what the leftwing news media is telling. This is why Donald J Trump became president.

If you can't identify who is telling lie and who is FAKE NEWS, you are the victim of those liars.

200, 000 women and majority were Korean ? Can you prove it ?
Investigate little more, then you will be able to see the reality.
If you need, I can defeat your claim 100% with concrete evidences.